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Antenatal Breastfeeding Preparation, Postnatal Support & Guidance, Lactation Consultant 

Mairead is a Registered General Nurse worked in London from 2005 until 2012, and worked in a Neonatal ICU since 2007. Mairead has worked as part of the Breastfeeding Support Network in the NICU & SCBU training as a breastfeeding counsellor with Unicef UK initally. Having then had 4 children of her own & beginning very much a novice breastfeeder also. On moving back to Ireland in 2012, pregnant with her youngest, Mairead realised how little support there was for Breastfeeding mum's in County Kerry. 
In 2014 she returned to working in the NICU in Kerry but decided to up her knowledge on Breastfeeding & in 2017 Gained the L.E.R. Qualification in Breastfeeding support which empowered her to then becoming a Qualified  Lactation Consultant eventually in 2018. In July 2018 Mairead set up my own Private Practice as a Lactation Consultant. Mairead believe's having worked in a variety of settings over the previous 11 years has helped her to gain the knowledge to be able to Work in Private Practice. Her experience with the SCBU has empowered her to be able to support & guide mothers whome are going through very stressful events due to their circumstances of either Preterm delivery or a Sick baby as well as infant separation.  She credits herself with the advise she  gives to these mum's who contact her for advice on early expressing, Skin-to-skin when possible & latching when suitable. However the support really kicks in when these babies are home it provides lots of reassurance to a mum to know she can pick up the phone to ask a question or to get advise when required. Which is all part of the service at Kerry Breastfeeding Support.
Mairead has come across lots of challenges with feeding healthy term babies & in recent years have partaken in extra studies regards to feeding issues related to Tongue ties, poor weight gain, poor milk supply & establishing a deep latch. Many of Mairead Clients have a variety of reviews posted on facebook page Kerry Breastfeeding Support in relation to all her services.
As a Lactation Consultant Mairead is associated with the Association of Lactation Consultant Ireland, ALCI & the International Board of Lactation Consultant, IBCLC . 
Depending on your Health Insurance policy some or all of her Consultation fees maybe covered as she will provide you with a receipt at the time of Consultant.
Mairead provides a very practical but very Comprehensive Antenatal Breastfeeding Preparation Class Monthly in Castleisland. This workshop is suitable for all expectant mum's & birthing partners. Homevisit Postnatal Consultations are usually accommodated within 2-3 days. 

On completion of visit ongoing phone support & advice is accessible to parents.
Mairead covers all of county Kerry along with Some parts of Cork & Limerick. Some areas my require an extra fee due to mileage same will be notified at time of booking. 

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Personalised care, guidance & support with all Breastfeeding or pumping difficulties..

Breastfeeding Preparation Workshop

3hr Breastfeeding Preparation Class suitable for all expectant mum's & birthing partners.

 Learn the importance of breastfeeding as well as many of its benefits for mum & baby. Highlighting everything to be expected in the first days & weeks after babies born, how to get Breastfeeding off to the best start possible whilst discussing some of the common pitfalls that occur & how to overcome them.

Practical sessions on positioning at the breast along with guidance on breast massage & hand expression.

Option for private 1 to 1 brief Consultant after the class for any private concerning issues you may have. We will also discuss breastfeeding going forward & topics surrounding expressing breastmilk along with lots of the other Common concerns.

This class requires a €25 deposit payable at the time of Booking via paypal remaining balance can be paid on the day.

 Places are Limited so Classes need to be Pre booked via phone or email.

Homevisit Consultations

Every drop Counts

This appointment normally takes 1.5 - 2 hrs & will take place in the comfort of your own home. This is Ideal as most mum's don't want to have to go back out with a newborn and have to think about bringing all their supplies with them, it also means older siblings don't have to be upset & latch assessment etc. can all be carried out in what is the typical everyday scenario. During the Consultation I will first take a brief history including any issues in Pregnancy, mode of deliver & post natal hospital stay. I will then start by doing an Oral Assessment on baby and having a visual look for any Tongue ties or other restrictions that may be causing the issue. I will carry out a visual examination on mum's breasts & nipples following on by allowing her to latch baby in what would be the normal manor. From all of this I will discuss as we go along all my findings suggest correction's which will help the situation should I feel a referral to another relevant Specialist be required I will also discuss this with Mum / Partner & decide on a plan going forward. I will provide mum with a detailed handwritten care plan high-lightening all the issues discussed. Should a revisit be required I will also advise on this at the time. The fee for Home visit also includes phonecall follow up & support in relation to the issues highlighted at the visit for up to 4 weeks post visit. Mothers also have the option to send me any concerning or relevant pic's via email or whats app.

Revisit Consultation

Quality Care

This is a follow up Homevisit appointment and typically lasts 1 hour readdressing any issues or concerns from the previous visit. Again a history will be taken & a full detailed care plan going forward will be given to mum regarding any relevant changes. Revisits can be required for a number of reasons, babies post tongue tie division to get the latch right, for a baby with poor weight gain, a mother with poor milk Supply, for a mother suffering from blocked ducts or Mastitis or for a mother wishing to relactate and reestablish her supply and babies latch. Again phone support is provided post visit for a period of 2-3 weeks unless new issues have occured. Fee for revisit depends on the nature of the visit & will be advised at time of booking.

Phone Consultations / video calls

A Happier, Healthier You

These are not adviseable for inital consultation of an issue, however they are aimed at only helping to bridge the gap or offer reassurance until homevisit can be arranged. Alternatively if it has  been more than 4 weeks since previous Consultation this fee may apply.. 

Video call / Phone Consultations charged and payable via paypal. fee advised via text prior to call ( If you book a Homevisit these calls are not charged for within the 4 week period)

Hand on Bump

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm ( Homevisits & Phone) 

Sat & Sun : Appointments only 
Classes 1 Saturday per month unless by Prior arrangement

Next Breastfeeding Preparation Classes 4th April, 9th May & 6th June 2020

Pre Booking Essential via text 087 6661654


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